My Photography

I'm not a professional photographer. I'm 14 and i have a passion for taking photos with whatever i have, whether that be an ipod or my dads camera. Also, please ask to use my pictures and please credit me as this is my passion and these are my pictures,

Who knew cheese could be so healthy? Took this on a Sunday for my art project.
"A wise old bird sat on an oak. The more he saw the less he spoke; the less he spoke the more he heard. Why aren't we like that wise old bird?" 
I actually love my new look nighties i got on xmas 2011 :)

You took something perfect and painted it red(8) Took this after the birthday bash with my friends. I miss 2011, even though it wasn't my best year!

Is this beauty?

This reminds me awfully of summer, even though i took it in winter.

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