Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Confessions of a Shopaholic; wishlist of the moment

Thought I'd put together a little something of the things that i fancy spoiling myself with (or just wasting money on)! Let's face it - I'm only going to live once so why not? I'll just keep telling myself that..

1. Topshop skintint

Heard some great things about this beauty and still haven't gotten the chance to grab it and go :( I'm after that glowy but no makeup look that i think mostly everyone after and I'm sure this will give it to me. At the moment I'm using the bourjois healthy mix in 54, not sure which skin tint will suit me, any ideas?

2. Topshop cream blush

I know another topshop cosmetic item, but i really want to try a few things from them! This i have swatched numerous times in the store and still haven't convinced myself (when I'm there) that i actually need it. Currently I'm using the no7 cream blush from the vital brights spring collection which i like a lot but theres hardly any product in there compared to this beast of a product. It also was around the same price so i know I'm definitely going to get more with this. The colour i want is head over heels which will be perfect for the hotter months. For £6 i can't say no when I'm out of my no7 blush.

3. Denim shirt

Been after one of these for ages! They are great to just layer over with chunky jumpers in the winter and to just wear with some hot feather earring's in the summer. A basic wardrobe need! Unfortunately, i can't find one anywhere, any ideas guys? I seriously don't want to be spending something ridiculous (£20+).

4. Basic brown backpack

I'm so glad backpacks are in now. Seriously, much more comfortable when lugging tons of books around in school for like 8 hours. I purchased a cute Aztec one online from UO and loved it. But i just want a simple brown one for everyday wear and tear. Would go with everything and just makes me think of summer. I swear i saw one in primark but i went today and couldn't see any brown backpacks. Not really into the floral ones.

5. Studded jeans

Studded anything really! But jeans are a huge staple of mine, i like covering my legs as i don't really like them. Would they hurt though if someone came in contact with my legs? Just wondering.



  1. I adore the bag and I really want to try the Topshop skin tint, I've heard good things about it too :) I've given you the Versatile Blogger Award, have a look at my blog for more details :) x